Hardap Game Park

Hardap Game Reserve (Hardap Recreation Resort)  is situated about 24 km from the town of Mariental, the Hardap Recreation Resort encompasses Namibia’s largest  dam, Hardap, which is on the Fish River. Although first investigations were carried out as early as 1897, construction commenced in 1960 and the dam was completed in 1963. It has a capacity of 320 million m³  and a surface area of 25 km².

Hardap  is well known as an angler’s paradise, with annual competitions held for enthusiasts. The dam and surroundings accommodate one of Namibia’s most strategic Great White Pelican breeding colonies. The Hardap Freshwater Fish Institute is within the reserve supporting the country’s growing aquaculture industry. It provides fish farms, other state-controlled dams and aquaculture projects with fingerlings for breeding and conducts research.


Park  size: 252 km²

Proclamation: 1968

Natural features: Dominated by the Hardap Dam, the Fish and the Groot Komatsas rivers. Open savannah with mountainous areas such as the Gemsbok Plateau.

Vegetation: Nama Karoo Biome. Vegetation type:Dwarf Shrubland. Shepherd’s tree (Boscia albitrunca), Camel-thorn (Acacia erioloba), Green-hair tree (Parkinsonia africana) and Buffalo-thorn (Ziziphus mucronata).

Wildlife: Black Rhino, Kudu, Oryx, Hartmann’s Mountain Zebra, Springbok, Red Hartebeest. The 284 bird species recorded here include the Great White Pelican, Yellow Billed Stork, Osprey, Bradfield’s Swift and Stark’s Lark.

Tourism: Fresh-water angling, Water sports and boating, 9km and 15km hiking trails, Game drives, Bird-watching, Rest camp with bungalows, Restaurant and shop. Angling permits obtained at the tourism information office within the reserve.


Great White Pelican (Pelecanus onocrolatus)