Executive Director Mr. Teofilus Nghitila

Mr. Nghitila
Executive Director: Mr. Teofilus Nghitila

Mr. Nghitila was born in April 1972  holds a MBA (Strategic Planning) from University of Maastricht School of Management (the Netherlands); MSc. in Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Infrastructure from the Technical Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden) and a BSc in Chemistry and Geography from University of Namibia.

His core areas of experience include natural resource management, policy and legislation development, strategic analysis and land use planning. He has also conducted a number of studies on environmental issues including environmental assessments, natural resource management, land use planning, and environmental policy and legislation development in Namibia.

Mr. Nghitila has been actively involved in environmental issues in Namibia for years as an employee of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) since 1999; first as Chief Development Planner, before being appointed as Deputy Director (01 April 2001 – 31 March 2002), Director (01 April 2002) of the Directorate of Environmental Affairs and as Environmental Commissioner and head of the Department of Environmental Affairs since 2012. He is directly responsible for the environmental impact assessment process and enforcement of environmental management plans, policy formulation on environmental matters and the co-ordination of Namibia’s participation in multilateral environmental conventions.

He has gained considerable experience of managing dynamic and highly multi-disciplinary teams. During his period in the Ministry, he has been able to develop new projects and attract significant financial resources and support for the MET. He has enjoyed a broad-based background, one of which has followed the development and implementation of various projects, and co-ordinated a number of regional and national land use and development programmes in Namibia as Global Environmental Facility (GEF) Operational Focal Point for Namibia. He serves in several Boards including: Environmental Investment Fund of Namibia (Chair); Gobabeb Research and Training Center; Atomic Energy Board of Namibia; Sustainable Development Advisory Council (ex-officio member); and Ohorongo Cement Environmental Trust Fund.