Administration, Finance And Human Resources

The Directorate of Administration, Finance and Human Resources (DAFHR) is committed to supervise and coordinate the Ministry’s administrative activities which include:

To advise the management of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism in the development, application, interpretation, implementation, execution and formulation of relevant policies in accordance with legislative requirements and national objectives;

To provide support services, such as Financial Management, Human Resources Management and Development, Information Communication Technology (ICT) and Administrative  Services.

The Directorate aims to commit itself through:

  • Striving to provide excellent customer care
  • Rendering quality service
  • Co-ordination and co-operation with relevant stakeholders
  • Improve and maintain internal ICT infrastructure and services
  • Training and developing of human resources
  • Efficient management and control of the Ministry’s scarce resources
  • Sensitizing the entire ministry with relevant information.



To provide support to the holistic administrative issues (Financial, human resources, asset and logistical management, Information technology) of the Ministry.


Strategic Objective:

To strengthen an enabling environment of higher performance culture



To execute and maintain sound financial, human resources administration, information technology and logistic support, guided by appropriate policies and regulations.


The directorate consists of two divisions:

Division: Finance

Duties and functions

  • Payment of goods and services rendered.
  • Ensuring that Treasury Instructions, the State Finance Act, (Act no. 31 of 1991) and all other relevant legislation, regulations and prescriptions concerning Government administration are adhered to.
  • Receiving any revenue/monies paid to Government.
  • Controlling the Ministry’s budget.


Division: Administration and Human Resources 

  • Facilitate the procurement of goods and services.
  • Maintain an up-to-date inventory.
  • Manage and develop human resources. 
  • Maintain ICT infrastructure.
  • Maintanance of office accommodation


Contact Details 

Tel: +264 284 2111