Just 24 km west of Windhoek lies a sanctuary for a relatively large population of game species typical of Namibia’s highlands. Proclaimed before Independence to preserve the ecosystem of the  Khomas Hochland, the park was named after a former Administrator, Mr Daan Viljoen, who played a major part in establishing the park. The convenient location of the Daan Viljoen makes the park an ideal venue for day visits and a perfect stopover for tourists seeking the tranquillity of the bush.












Park size: 40 km²

Proclamation: 1968

Vegetation: Highland shrubland, with various Acacia species, kudu bush  (Combretum apiculatum) and buffalo-thorn (Ziziphus mucronata).

Wildlife: Mammals are Springbok, Kudu, Eland,Oryx, Blue wildebeest, Hartmann zebra, Leopard Klipspringer. The park is also home to about 200 bird species including Ruppell’s Parrot, White-tailed Shrike and Monteiro's Hornbill.

Tourism: Rest camp with bungalows, camp - and picnic sites. Adventurous hiking trails of 3 and 9 km can be undertaken of which booking is necessary for a 32 km overnight trail.