Von Bach Game Park is one of three parks which surround strategic dams, and was proclaimed in 1972. Von Bach dam is the third-largest dam  in Namibia, which currently supplies the City of Windhoek with about half of its water for usage. Von Bach Game Park is popular for water- sport enthusiasts and anglers.

Park size: 43 km²

Proclamation: 1972

Natural features: Fringed by the Auas Mountains and belonging to the Swakop River drainage system.

Vegetation: Tree and Shrub Savannah Biome. Vegetation type: Thornbush Shrubland, Highland Shrubland. Yellow-bark acacia (Acacia erubescens), black-thorn (Acacia mellifera), sweet-thorn (Acacia karroo) and red bushwillow (Combretum apiculatum).

Wildlife: Hartmann's zebra, Red hartebeest, Oryx, Common Impala, Giraffe, Kudu and Warthog. The 187 bird species recorded include Violet Wood-Hoopoo,  Black Stork, Orange River Francolin, Rüppell’s Parrot and Bradfield’s Swift.

Tourism:  Water sports. Angling – permits necessary. Picnic sites. The overnight facilities available.

      Kudu (Tragelaphus strepsiceros)