The mission of the Directorate of Tourism and Gaming (DTG) is to develop  a sustainable and responsible tourism industry that contributes significantly to the economic development of Namibia and the quality of life of all her people.

The DTG was re-structured in 2011 to become a more streamlined directorate focusing on the development of tourism policy and legislation, collection of  tourism statistics and the regulation of the gaming industry.

The Vision of tourism in Namibia

'A mature, sustainable and responsible tourism industry contributing significantly to the economic development of Namibia and the quality of life of all her people, primarily through job creation and economic growth'.

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State Owned Enterprises


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Key Focus Areas

To achieve the overall vision and the specific objectives, the National Sustainable Tourism Growth & Development Strategy focuses on the follow key areas:

  • A National Tourism Competitiveness Advisory Council within government that is designed to drive the industry forward so that it takes full advantage of the employment opportunities while maintaining the national reputation for conservation and sustainability;
  • Coherence in tourism policy, governance and regulation;
  • Improved marketing and promotion strategies; Namibian Tourism Board
  • A regional approach to product development;
  • Tourism growth in communal areas;  Namibia Assiciation of CBNRM Support Organisations
  • Transformational economic and social development;
  • A strident drive for human resource development to benefit Namibians
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2013 Adventure Travel World Summit in Namibia

The Adventure Travel World Summit (ATWS) was hosted by in Namibia on 26 - 31 October 2013.  It was attended by 650+ delegates from around The World but mostly from North America. The ATWS is organised annually by the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) and its purpose is to bring together professionals involved in adventure tourism including international tour operators, ground operators, adventure destinations, media personnel, tourist accommodation, adventure activity operators and other related tourism services, 

From the viewpoint of Namibia the purpose in hosting the ATWS was to encourage the development of the Namibian tourism industry, notably with a focus on the adventure tourism market segments and on the North American market.  

The ATWS in Namibia was the first to be held in Africa, the first to be held in a dual location (Windhoek and Swakopmund). There was a series of tours, days of adventure and other events.

The ATWS was a result of the coming together of the expertise of three parties:

  • ATTA’s management bringing their expertise of organizing such an event;
  • The expertise of the private sector tourism industry in showcasing Namibia; and
  • The expertise of the public sector in Namibia in making their considerable contribution.

Overall it was a highly successful event in terms of the excellent project management to make the event possible, the actual operational management of the event itself, the very high level of satisfaction of the delegates who attended the event, and the vast media coverage achieved from the event. 



Namibia through the Ministry of Environment and Tourism was selected as the guest of honour at the 2015 Colmar SITV International Tourism and Travel Fair in Colmar, France. The event was held from 6th to 8th November 2015.

The travel fair is one of the most successful travel and tourism related yearly trade fairs and has proven to be among the largest tourism fairs in France and at the same time provide a gateway into Germany, France and Switzerland. It aims to introduce the variety of the global touristic climate and develop a tourism environment that can attract as many visitors and tourists as they can, to visit the outstanding features of different countries in the world. The event accommodates approximately 400 exhibitors and receives an attendance of around 31,135 visitors.

The Namibia Delegation was led by Hon. Tommy Nambahu, Deputy Minister of Environment and Tourism, H.E. Ambassador Frieda Nangula Iithete, Hon. Erick Endjala, Governor of Omusati Region, and other high ranking officials from the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Omusati Regional Council; Namibia tourism Board, Air Namibia, Namibia Airport Company, National Heritage Council, Namibia Film commission, Musicians, Cultural groups, Emerging and Established Tourism Entrepreneurs, SME in the arts and curio sector as well as officials from the Namibian Embassy in France. About 95 Namibia Exhibitors from different tourism sectors and services represented Namibia at the Fair.



The Uis Tourist Information Centre

The Uis Information Centre is a project aimed at tourists visiting the environs of Uis, in the Erongo Region in the northwest of Namibia. The Uis Information Centre gives advice about the area and in particular about the Brandberg Mountain, the Daureb Mountain Guides and the guided walks offered to the San/Bushmen paintings, including the famous White Lady.

The project was initiated by the Uis Community Conservation Trust in partnership with private sector tourism ventures. Funding for the Centre was provided by the European Union.


Aus Tourists Information Centre

Aus, located 120km east of Lüderitz, is nestled in a valley at the top of an escarpment overlooking the Namib Desert in southern Namibia. It is at the northern most point of the succulent Karoo biome, and because of its altitude as well as winter and summer rainfall, has a high degree of succulent endemism.

With assistance provided by Ministry of Environment and Tourism, the European Union and the Namibia Nature Foundation, the Aus Community Conservation Trust developed a tourist information centre at the entrance to town. The centre, which  officially opened for business in March 2006, includes a restaurant, kiosk, and gift shop, as well as office space for Aus Community Conservation Trust (ACCT).   The centre provides information on the Aus-Lüderitz area and is a registered Namibian Tourism Board booking agent.

Through the centre the Trust aims to attract more visitors into the town, as well as generate a stable income source for implementing conservation activities, as well as initiatives that will improve the town and provide jobs to local people.


Polytechnic Hotel School

Namibia’s first Hotel School at the Polytechnic of Namibia was development with financial assistance from the Namibia Tourism Development Programme.  The programme, which began in August 1998, was funded by the European Union and hosted by the MET’s Directorate of Tourism.

The need for a proper training Hotel School was identified in the 1992 White Paper on Tourism. The vision was that this training facility would supply industry with fully trained graduates who would be the future hotel staff and managers of Namibia. The subsequent 1996 White Paper and Draft Tourism Policies in line with the National Development Plan also reinforced this view especially as tourism in Namibia is the third largest generator of GDP and in 2008 already supplied over 77 000 jobs to Namibians. The industry is seen as a major force in creating jobs which is one of the key objectives of national policy. Consequently the training of tourism and hotel staff to international standards is a priority.

The Hotel School was developed to facilitate training and skills development to meet the increased demand for tourism related skills within the industry as a whole.  The programmed focused on developing the skills of previously disadvantaged Namibians.


Grootberg Mountain Lodge

Grootberg Lodge is a landmark in Namibia for the tourism industry as it is the first middle-market establishment in the country that is 100% owned by the conservancy. This is the #Khoadi //Hôas Conservancy area, some 90 kilometers from Kamanjab on the C40, 15 kilometers from the Palmwag turnoff to Sesfontein and the north.

The #Khoadi //Hôas Conservancy was the first beneficiary of the MET/8th EU Development Fund, receiving a grant of N$4.5 million grant to build the lodge.

Opened in June 2005, the Grootberg Lodge not only to offers a professional service, great surroundings, extremely good food, well-trained guides and exceptionally good local management but it also benefits the local community thanks to the revenues generated by the Lodge.

While sustainability of the Conservancy is a primary objective which the Lodge would contribute towards, there are additional benefits such as increasing direct job opportunities in a poorly developed area; supporting marginal people with projects such as building schools, clinics, creating a community kitchen for the elderly and vulnerable groups and award bursaries to promising pupils with the proceeds of the lodge.

Another important aim of the Lodge is to reduce the animal/human conflict in this community so that the locals will be more tolerant of the lions, cheetahs and elephants and give them a value from a tourism perspective.

The success of the lodge is critical to demonstrate the value of the land-use options the conservancy is promoting. The exclusive development area needs to show the value in setting aside "core" areas for tourism and biodiversity conservation.The Grootberg Lodge offers guided walks, elephant and rhino tracking, a trip to a Himba village, scenic drives down the Klip River and horseback rides and safaris. 

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Uukwaluudhi Royal Homestead

The Uukwaluudhi Royal Homestead in Tsandi is one of the tourism projects developed under the North Central Community Based Natural Resouces Management and Enterprise Development project with financial assistance from the Namibia Tourism Development Programme of the European Union.

The former home of King Josia Shikongo Taapopi, the homestead is a large complex consisting of a traditional homestead and modern house where the Uukwaluudhi King resides.

This African-style palace, surrounded by traditional mopane pole fencing, offers visitors a unique culture experience incorporating the customs, beliefs and accommodation style of the Oshiwambo-speaking people.  


Twyfelfontein World Heritage Site

One of the largest known accumulations of rock engravings in Africa occurs on the rocky slopesof
Twyfelfontein some 100km southwest of Khorixas. Twyfelfonten or Ui-ais, as it was originally called, is the largest known rock engraving site in Namibia.

The 2 000-plus rock engravings represent one of Africa’s largest and most important rock-art concentrations. They are estimated to be 6 000 years old. In June 2007 this striking artwork in its natural red-rock gallery was awarded World Heritage Status at a meeting of the World Heritage Committee in Christchurch, New Zealand.

It is believed by many that the creators of the rock art were the medicine people or shamans, who incised their engravings as a means of entering the supernatural world and recording the shaman’s experience among the spirits. The rock engraving itself could prepare the shaman for a state of trance by the repetitive chipping and concentration of energy. Etched into the rock are thus stories within stories, eternalised in rock as our legacy of the past.

A Visitors Centre at Twyfelfontein was built and designed to blend into the red sandstone of the environment. The building contains no cement and uses predominantly recycled and local materials.  The whole center can be easily dismantled leaving no impression on the landscape. The Centre contains display detailing the local fauna and fauna, the meaning of the engravings and the history of the site.

A series of stone pathways has been laid (to reduce erosion) that lead to viewing platforms where visitors gain an excellent view of the major engravings.(photos – Grootberg Lodge website, White lady rock art at Brandberg (G & R Everett – NACSO)


Moclair B&B

Moclair is a female run project which was started to assist Orphans and Vulnerable Children. It further aims to address the socio economic challenges faced by the people of the Samora Machel constitutency.

Moclair was assisted as part of the MET Special Projects Grant Scheme to expand, renovate the existing structures, and construct two additional ensuite rooms.

Pictures of the Deputy Minister delivering the keynote address, official unveiling of the inaugural plate, and the cultural group performing during the official launching ceremony

Moclair B&B is located situated at 1174 Tugela Street,  Wanaheda offering the best service in Windhoek.

Address: Po Box 95185


    Fax: +264 260 305

   Tel: +264 260 305

   Cell: +264 81 204 4003


Mencia’s Oms B&B

Mencia’s Oms B&B in Gibeon has been assisted by the ST-EP (Sustainable Tourism for the Elimination of Poverty) initiative to construct four (4) ensuite rooms. The STEP project aims to contribute to the MDGs of the United Nations, in particular through contributing to the elimination of poverty and improving the livelihoods of rural women.


The STEP project is a UNWTO initiative that has been funded by the Spanish Government and implemented by the Ministry of Environment & Tourism in Namibia.

Pictures of the Honourable Minister delivering the keynote address, and the unveiling of the inaugural plate

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Mencias Oms, is located in Gibeon and offer affordable accommodation in a welcoming community oriented environment.

Tel: +264 81 430 0374/ +264 81 261 7990


Exclusive Conference centre & Guesthouse

Exculsive Guesthouse, referred to as the ‘Black pearl of the South’ is situated in Mariental along the Lang street.

The project was assisted as part of the MET Special Projects Grant Scheme to construct two (2) additional ensuite rooms, a Conference centre, Ablution blocks, Kitchen and a Cold room, Laundry area, bar area, and renovations to the existing structures.

Pictures of the Honourable Minister unveiling the inaugural plate and where he leads the tour of the facility, followed by the Local Authority Councillor and the Junior Mayor of Mariental. 

Xclusiv Conference Centre is located in Mariental providing good quality accommodation to its visitors.  

Contacts:Po Box 607


     Fax: +264 886 527 310

     Tel: +264 63 242 178

     Cell: +264 81 291 6893